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  1. Crying as usual. Beautfully written and exactly how it is. I was looking at Thanksgiving pictures on my camera and it seems soooo long ago. A different era when all was well and our only worries were getting Christmas shopping done. My how fast things change. Praying for sweet Brooklyn…… I am a Believer in Brooklyn and in Jesus I believe he will cure her and they will be cuddling on the couch dreaming about what their children will get into next!

  2. We are all praying in Oklahoma for Brooklyn and the whole family. I went to school at St James with Eric and my grandparents in rineyville have been keeping me posted on Brooklyn.

  3. Hi

    My heart goes out to you all and I pray everyday for you and your sweet angel. I would really love to help in any way I can. At this time of the year I really don’t have any money, but, if you need help with fundraisers or anything please let me know. I am a leader with cub scouts, boy scouts and American heritage girls in white mills, if there is anything the kids and I can help with please let me know. We will be happy to serve. God bless you all.

  4. We just just heard about little Brooklyn! We are so sorry to hear about her illness and want to let the parents and grandparents know we will pray for her speedy recovery. The doctors do wonders these days. I was told my little brother would not make it very long this past year due to lung cancer that had spread out of the right lung and wrapped around part of his heart. We all kept the faith and prayed for him and as of last month his cancer is in remission. Barbara please let us know if there is anything we can do to help! You all have a special place in hearts working with you so many years and watching Erin growup! God bless you all.

    • David and Patty,
      Thank you for your words of encouragement. We believe in the Power of Prayer and know that God is Great and he will not give us anything we cannot endure. Please keep Brooklyn, Erin and Daniel in your prayers as they go through this mysterious journey in their life.

  5. I will definitely be praying for you all. I took medical terminology last year, so I know the severity of what Brookie has, and your family will be put on a large prayer list. I’m going to try to make things to be sold and donated for you. Brooklyn will grow to look back at the immense love so many people have for her!

  6. I’m so glad I was able to go to the Rock Out for Brooklyn Fundraiser on Saturday, great band for a great cause. What a beautiful little girl and family. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

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